Moscow Osteotomy 2017

Moscow Congress 2017

The Moscow International Osteotomy Congress was held on April 20-21.

This course was hosted by Professor Andrey Korolev - a really nice person and the leading trauma knee surgeon in Moscow. He has a PhD and has trained many of the really great surgeons around Europe. He is a real innovator himself. He is very interested in osteotomy which is not something that is done too frequently currently in Russia.

faculty 2017 congress Moscow

He assembled an amazing group of individuals - including Kevin Stone to talk about meniscal transplantation, Matteo Denti - the last president of ESSKA from Barcelona 2016 Congress, Henning Madry from Germany, Karl Benedetto - another former ESSKA president - speaking on his experiences of complex fracture fixation and his concepts around osteotomy for which he is globally renowned, and Dietrich Pape from Luxembourg - another PhD - who remains very active scientifically and in fact is co-supervisor of my own PhD student,  James Belsey (who is in Luxembourg at the moment where we are looking at the biomechanical effects of bone wedges in osteotomy plating).

Overall it was a great faculty and as always I learned a lot and felt really motivated by the interesting delegates.

osteotomy poster
osteotomy poster
Professor Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson


My own talk on the history of osteotomy


Professor Alex Staubli -
from Switzerland - one of the great father figures of osteotomy and an original lead surgeon on the development of the Tomofix plate

Matteo Denti Moscow 2017

Matteo Denti -
from Italy past President of ESSKA, talking about osteotomy and modern indications, and how the use of osteotomy has expanded.


Professor Philip Neyret from Lyon -  current ISAKOS President - showing us all up speaking in English and presenting slides in Russian!

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