MPFL Reconstruction with PRP

Max is a fit 19-year-old chap who plays under 21 for Guernsey and also for Guernsey Rovers AC football team. He has had problems with his knees on and off since 2013.

The left initially subluxated just with stretching when playing “keepy uppy” with his brothers and self-relocated.  He has had three episodes on the left but then it all settled when treated in plaster for eight weeks and has not had any issues for a few years.  

On the right he has had issues since 2014.  Again, each time he has had an episode - and he has had approximately eight subluxation episodes when he has been playing football - he has been 'non-contact'.  He had several episodes between 2014 and 2016, but nothing up until April of this year from 2016, when he came down from a header and landed awkwardly and the knee gave way and subluxated. Again he has had no frank dislocations. He has had some crepitus since and some pain and can feel some sort of a lump in the lateral aspect of the knee. When he saw me he was unable to run.

My assessment was that he had tendinopathy on the right and instability on the left. I proceeded to a PRP injection under general anaesthetic to his right patella tendon and on the I proceeded to an MPFL reconstruction.

MPFL reconstruction

During surgery I examined the knee, and went on to an arthroscopy, proceeding to microfracture and removal of multiple loose bodies as well as an MPFL reconstruction (reconstruction of the medial patellofemoral ligament).

My plan is to review the situation after four weeks and scan the patellar tendon to see if a second PRP injection is indicated.

Max's testimonial - 

Since I was 16, I have had many knee dislocations/subluxations of my patellas, particularly my right one. I strengthened my muscles around the knee and it didn't happen for two years but it moved out of position again recently so I wanted to get it sorted and spoke to Prof. Wilson. My dad has been operated on by Dr. Ranjan Vhadra, who recommended Prof. Wilson.

My hope was to get the problem sorted as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the ligaments and cartilage around the patella.

During my first consultation with Prof. Wilson, I was put at ease at how quickly and easily he could diagnose any problems from looking at my MRI scans and advise on what treatments I needed. When I came back over from Guernsey for surgery, he and Dr. Kidel (the anaesthetist) visited me in my room before surgery and clearly explained everything to me and made me aware of any risks and the remote chances of anything going wrong, which made me feel more comfortable. In the lead up to the surgery and after the surgery, Prof. Wilson's professionalism and expertise was clear in the way he conducted himself and interacted with his team members. He explained everything that he wanted me to do and reassured me that the surgery went really well. Overall, I am very happy that I chose Prof. Wilson to perform my surgery."



Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson

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