Multi-ligament injury in 60 year old skier


Rob is an amazing case of how an older active skier can still do well with an internal brace repair even after a multi-ligament injury.

Rob is a 60 year old gentleman who skis in the Alps and to a good standard. I gathered he is normally a very fit and active gentleman who does rock climbing, cycling and skiing - really more like an active 40 year old than an active 60 year old.

He was coming down a schuss in Tigne, when he lost control in poor light and hit a bump and twisted. He lost his skis and sustained a major injury to his right knee.

He was seen locally, presenting with significant swelling, and his knee was immobilised and was investigated with an MRI scan. He came to see me when he arrived home.

When I examined him back in March 2017 he had a significant effusion. He could bend to 90 degrees from straight. He was quite clearly MCL deficient and also ACL and PCL deficient. His MRI scan was impressive....

He had a minor tearing of the MPFL (medial patello-femoral ligament), a significant tear of the MCL(medial collateral ligament) with osteitis, and had injured both cruciate ligaments!

Being 60 and this active I thought that the best way to go was to try and do as little as possible to Rob's knee, so I went down the route of an internal brace repair (as opposed to reconstruction) as this is far less invasive.

Internal Brace Repair

He underwent the repair of the internal ligaments on the 4th of April 2017. I am delighted to say that at 3 months down the line Rob is doing extremely well. He has some swelling but no pain, a full range of motion, and a beautifully stable knee.

At the original surgery he had a really quite arthritic medial compartment - despite this he had no problems previously, so he should soon be getting back to where he was prior to the incident. I think this is a real triumph for the internal brace technique and a good example of what we can do with this modern technology.

adrian wilson

Adrian Wilson

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