Multiligament injury and back to sport


Lee had a complex ligament reconstruction in May 2019 after a major injury while training in Brazilian JiuJitsu.

He suffered a blowout of the top of the ACL, which initially did look very good for repair, but there was insufficient tissue and therefore we elected to go for a 4-strand hamstrings graft (semitendinosis/gracilis) reconstruction reinforced with FiberTape.
The PCL was not too bad, nor was the lateral side. I was able to fix the MCL with its distal avulsion with a staple, and used an internal brace over the top to reinforce the repair. There was also a nasty lateral meniscal tear which was repaired (all-inside) and a medial femoral condyle lesion, for which I did a chondroplasty.

Testimonial from Lee

I was training Brazilian JiuJitsu & heard a big pop in my knee. I knew straight away it was bad. I went to stand up and just fell over!
I went to see a knee surgeon local to me, he said my injury was very complex for him to deal with as it was up to 4 ligaments that were damaged. He referred me to Professor Wilson as he is a specialist in multi knee ligament damage.
I expected it to be a long process to recover but I knew I could recover far quicker than the average person with the way I was going to approach my rehab & the effort I was prepared to put in. I was back training Brazilian JiuJitsu in 4 months very light and I have gradually built it up a little bit more every month & managed to compete after 7.5 months.



Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson


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