Overview – Basingstoke Osteotomy Masterclass

The Basingstoke Osteotomy Masterclass is now in its ninth year with an incredibly supportive faculty and guest list.

We are heavily supported by a series of different companies because the industries are excited by the pioneering work that we are doing.

Neil established Basingstoke as a centre of excellence for knee surgery, and cofounded the Basingstoke Masterclass with Adrian Wilson. Neil has recently retired but during his years in knee surgery was considered one of the leading knee surgeons in the UK. He was President, not only of the British Knee Society but also ESSKA, and chairman of the Board of ESSKA for many years. It is through Nei’s connections that many of the wonderful things that we have been able to do have been possible.

Together he and  Adrian Wilson set up the precursor Basingstoke osteotomy database in 2005. Adrian then got funding for a fellow and David Elson was appointed and spent a year setting it up under the direction of Adrian, Matt and Chris - and from that UKKOR was born.


  • Carlisle
  • Cardiff
  • Basingstoke
  • Gateshead

Four UK centres are now collaborating with improving the UK experience of knee osteotomy, combining their expertise at the both the Basingstoke and the Northern venues, and also their patient outcomes via the UKKOR database. [In the photo: Matt Dawson (Carlisle), Chris Wilson (Cardiff), Mike Risebury (Basingstoke), and Dave Elson (Gateshead).

Although this video below is of the 2013 Masterclass, it gives a good flavour of the experience from the points of view of both faculty and delegates -


  • Proximal tibial osteotomy
  • Distal femoral osteotomy
  • Osteotomy for treatment of patellar instability
  • Double osteotomy and digital planning
  • Wet lab with lectures/biomechanics
  • Modern indications (ligaments, meniscus transplantation)

Adrian Wilson and Neil Thomas on either side of Ronald van Heerwardenin, in Nijmegen, when we went to visit in 2006 to learn about the techniques which we then brought back to Basingstoke and employed ourselves.

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