Painful Knee Symposium – June 2022

Treatment & Management of the Painful Knee. Attendance - £60 including refreshments and lunch. To register simply visit Alternatively, contact Sherri Lomas on 07795 105748 or [email protected]

This is a highly popular annual meeting on 'the Painful Knee'. The meeting aims to help physiotherapists update their knowledge and skills about knee problems. The content is also suitable for family doctors. The course includes presentations on:

  • Basic and advanced knee examination 
  • The basics of MRI
  • The Fat Pad explained - anatomy and rehabilitation
  • The paediatric knee
  • Patella instability - rehabilitation and reconstruction
  • ACL rehab in athletes - strength and conditioning
  • The role of Arthroscopy in 2022
  • Roots and ramps in the knee
  • Interactive case discussion series including:
     - OA in the 45 year old.
     - meniscal tear in the 45 year old.
     - meniscal tear in the 25 year old.
     - I want an injection!

The Painful Knee

The physiotherapist is very often the first clinician to examine the patient presenting with a painful knee. This course is aimed at building skills in history taking and examination. This will help the physiotherapist to gauge the severity of a painful knee problem, and also the possible need for referral to a knee surgeon .

A broad range of knee topics are covered, including the painful knee in children. There will be opportunities for questions, for hand-on examination and plenty of time for discussion with colleagues.​

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These meetings are very intimate. You will have plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion with colleagues and faculty.

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Examining a child's knee

The painful or unstable knee in a child requires a meticulous assessment. Problems such as a torn cruciate or damaged joint cartilage must be excluded.

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Sheila Strover says April 2, 2022

This course is usually very well supported and enjoyable

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