New publication on PCL technique


Our group is pleased to have a new posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) publication approved and online as an open access article. In the article we discuss the technical issues of restoration of normal knee stability after PCL injury.

Restoring stability is especially challenging in PCL reconstruction because of the awkward position of the 'footprint' of the ligament at the tibial side, and its broad attachment of the femoral side, which surgeons generally attempt to replicate by using 'double-bundle' grafts.

In this new paper our team describe how we use a Y-shaped construct called 'TriLink' to allow us to use a single bundle on the tibial side at the original footprint of the PCL, and yet still have a double-bundle at the femoral side to replicate as closely as possible to original broad attachment there.

In the paper we describe the progression of the steps that we use, as well as the special instruments that make the job a lot easier, proving access to the back of the tibia but offering protection to the bundle of vessels and nerves in that area.

Professor Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson

Transmedial All-inside TriLink Posterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. Yasen S, Borton ZA, Britton EM, Palmer HC, Wilson AJ. (Open Access)

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