My total knee replacement story – Richard


I have had ‘bad’ knees for years. I was in the military for over thirty (30) years, which obviously had its effect.

I also used to do a huge amount of ‘road running’ marathons etcetera. I further played cricket mostly as a quick bowler (every ball bowled had all of my body weight forced onto my right leg) for over 50 years.

At the beginning of the 2014 season, I bowled a ball and felt a bad pain in my right knee, it was difficult to walk, let alone run. (I may have torn the cartilage in this knee about 1994/5 and had a scope to clean it up – cannot remember which knee it was or exact year).

I suffered for a bit, visited my GP, got a referral to see Adrian (I think my wife had been to see him previously also for a knee), had the necessary scans etc, to which he did say that there was a tear.

After that op Adrian said that I was worse than he saw on the scan, and that I am set for an imminent knee replacement.

Problems in both knees

My left knee started giving major problems, so back I went to see Adrian in 2015 where he cleaned up my left knee, also removing a growth on the knee cap.

On the final follow up, I did ask if I could run (obviously age says that I cannot run at the pace I used to in my youth, plus a fusion in my back in 1989 /90 and weight being put on. I was 65 Kg when my back was done, and + - 100 kg when Adrian did my first op in 2014) and so at a shuffle off I went, and was doing well, until November 2016 when again my right knee was giving me a lot of pain, so I asked my GP for a referral to see Adrian again.

I saw him in December 2016, he had a look at the scans, x-rays etc and I was booked in for a right TKR on the 22nd February 2017.

Right total knee replacement

I was hobbling around before the op, and since I listened to the surgeon and physio when my back was done, and I did run, cricket etc after that, I knew that if I again listened to Adrian and Simon Orr (Physio) I would have a good outcome so that I can get on with my life better that before the TKR (with limitations).

I am now not having the nights being woken up with pain. I now regularly walk (no more running / jogging /shuffling, or playing cricket) 6 miles plus (I would be able to walk a lot further but lack of water prohibits this) at a reasonable pace (Sunday the 6th August I walked 6.75 miles in 1:37:49 (14:30 per mile), I stopped as it was at my end point (Beechdown Gym).

When I started walking outside after the op, I used walking poles to give me stability, as I was a bit wobbly and needed the support that they gave me.

In the gym I am now pushing 200lbs plus on the leg press with the right leg.

There are obviously days or times that the knee does have its moments, but all in all I would recommend it to anyone who does have knee problems like mine.

Adrian Wilson

"This shows just how hard Richard is able to go !!"

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Rahul Sharma says November 1, 2017

Highly satisfactory for me with regular physical activities at the age of 79. I have completed 10 km race twice only two years back. But for the past one year I have developed problem with right knee as the ligaments are torn, but there is no pain with my walking of 3km and cycling. But I want to come back to my original shape and again compete in 10 KM race.

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