SAMBA-type biological ACL reconstruction


Jevgenia has had a fairly spectacular result from her ACL rupture.

She is a normally very fit and active lady who works as a wedding photographer. She was skiing on deep snow on the 28th of December 2017 and had a classic twisting injury to her left knee and presented with instability and a torn ACL.

ACL tear
ACL tear
ACL tear

SAMBA Procedure

She came to me because she was hoping for an ACL repair but there wasn't quite enough tissue to do that, so I went on and did what Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet has perfected and has led on - which is a biological SAMBA-type procedure. Here we place the new ACL (using hamstrings tendons) within the existing ACL, so that it has a 'jacket' or proprioceptive cover which brings in blood supply and nerve endings, and it does seem to me that we can get fairly spectacular results.

She had a type 1 tear and I was hoping to repair but there wasn’t quite enough tissue so I did this biological SAMBA-type ACL using her hamstrings which I reinforced with FiberTape as per my repair technique.

The surgery went remarkably well with no pain, but I must say that the outcome at two weeks is really off the charts - Jevgenia is walking with a normal gait, has a full range of motion with no swelling. So far we have had a great result ! I have actually had to tell her to 'apply brakes' and to slow down a little and to take it easy for the next month just to give the graft a chance to incorporate.

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