Screw removal and osteotomy after RTA


Theo had a terrible 2018 but has very kindly offered to share his story.

Theo was sadly involved in a significant road traffic accident back in January 2018 and he sustained a major injury to his right shoulder as well as to his right knee.

He underwent a ligament reconstruction with fixation of bony fragments as well as a lateral procedure, but sadly one of screws was prominent centrally in his knee which was catching on his femoral condyle.  He was also getting some discomfort from the staple on the upper outer aspect of his knee and he had developed some wear-and-tear issues on the outside from osteoarthritis as a result of the trauma.

His pain was really quite extreme and every time he walked he experienced a catching sensation at a certain position of flexion which made it very difficult for him to walk any kind of distance and he did so with severe pain. He also had marked stiffness and his range of motion was limited to 120 degrees and he struggled to get the knee straight.

His X-rays showed the prominent metalwork and the long leg X-ray showed him to be in valgus so together with Raghbir Khakha who I work with we took Theo to theatre - having first done a detailed plan - and carried out a closing wedge osteotomy on his proximal tibia as well as opening his knee up and removing the prominent hardware. I am delighted to say that we got the osteotomy spot on and he now has a neutral alignment and ever since we took the hardware out the clicking and catching has gone and he is significantly more comfortable. You can see from the videos that I have taken where we were before and after surgery in terms of the alignment and I am just delighted that he is doing so well.

Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson

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