Simple measures to keep troubled knees moving.


Sue has recently had three PRP injections for bilateral medial knee pain, and is feeling much better.

She had a partial meniscectomy two years ago and an injection of Cingal - Hyaluronic acid and steroid combined a year later.

She was doing well until two weeks ago when she fell in the garden and she has had right knee swelling, medial pain and giving way since.

When I saw her in my clinic I found no major detectable swelling and she had a good range of motion, with some tenderness medially on the right. Her MRI scan did not show any major acute internal derangement but just some minor wear and tear medially, which was consistent with previous imaging, but she was not comfortable and was walking with a strange gait, so I was keen to try to do something to settle her knees down.

So I went on to prescribe a course of PRP injections with hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. I am happy to say that this conservative  combination has led to significant improvement in both knees probably to the point where she is 60% better.

Sue's testimony...

After tearing my meniscus in both knees I was referred to Prof. Wilson for a consultation. I subsequently had surgery in both knees to repair the damage. I made an excellent recovery from the surgery thanks to Prof. Wilson's skill. After this I returned to the normal pain I have had from many years due to a severe case of 'Genu Valgum' or 'knock knees' which gave me a lot of daily pain and discomfort.

I had a long conversation with Prof. Wilson regarding my daily discomfort. He explained all about PRP and that it was well worth considering as an option for me. I felt really confident with the treatment he recommended, but he also made sure I had all the information so that I could read for myself. I also did some of my own research to complete the picture. This helped me make the decision to go ahead with the PRP. I never felt pressurised - but was left to make my decision on my own .

The first part of the procedure was the removal of my blood to prepare the PRP. This was straightforward and was like a blood test. The second part was the local anaesthetic, again straightforward. However, the third part, the PRP injections, were really very painful so I had to focus on the benefit that the treatment give me. It was also quite sore for a few days afterwards.

After giving the injections time to 'settle' in I have seen a really good improvement. I now have very little pain and discomfort in my knees and can now walk further than I been able to for some time. In addition the stairs are so much easier now.

Looking into a new treatment for anyone can be daunting. My own advice is to talk to your consultant, do some research and maybe try something new. I have gained a lot of pain relief myself. Prof. Wilson was so knowledgeable and helpful with me. I trusted his judgement and haven't regretted it."



Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson

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