Good recovery from major ski injury


Caterina is a friend of another surgeon who is a good friend of mine, and who recommended that she come and see me because she had a nasty ski injury to her right knee.

She was hoping to undergo ACL repair but sadly there wasn't sufficient tissue to do a repair. So I carried out a biological ACL reconstruction feeding up one of the hamstrings tendons - which I quadrupled - up the centre of her existing ACL and then did a free gracilis anterolateral ligament reconstruction.

In addition she was grossly unstable. She had torn both her medial and lateral menisci which I repaired, and had a small amount of damage to the undersurface of her kneecap which I tidied up. The surgery took place back in May 2017 and it went extremely well.

What is interesting is with these biological reconstructions  they do seem to get proprioceptive control back much quicker than a standard ACL (biological = samba = remnant preserving and putting the new graft ACL up the original ACL inside it like a jacket). I reviewed Catrina this week and she is 10 weeks out and she has no pain, no swelling and a good range of motion. She told me that she has just climbed 'Arthur's Seat' (at the 8 week stage, which is a bit early to be doing such activity, but it was a testament to the surgery and the reconstructions and how well she has recovered!)I am delighted that she is doing so well and I think she is a good example of what can be achieved fairly early following major ligament and meniscal surgery.

adrian wilson

This is a good example of someone who has had a good functional recovery after a major injury - leading to ACL and ALL reconstruction together with medial and lateral meniscal repair.

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