The Compression Tube – a device to improve the ACL graft

The 'compression tube' is a recent innovation that has improved our experience with grafts.

The ‘compression tube’ allows the surgeon to downsize any graft - sometimes really significantly - so that you are taking less bone from the patient when you are drilling that tunnel.

There is a huge difference between a 9mm tunnel and an 8.5mm one - and the smaller the tunnel you are drilling, if there is a problem in the future, the less of a problem there is going to be with a revision. Also with these compression tubes, the tissue will expand once you have taken them out of the compression tube, so they gently expand within the tunnels and we think that you get better healing because of the ‘press-fit’ of the graft against the tunnel walls as it starts to expand.

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Adrian Wilson

People’s jaws are dropping when they see the quality of the grafts we are able to make!

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