Total knee replacement at 84


Eveline is a delightful 84 year old lady who has had problems with the left knee for many years. She is extremely fit and wanted to be more active but found that the knee was significantly slowing her down.

She came to see me with her son on the 5th February 2018 and at that time told me that the left knee had been really bad over the previous two years and especially over the previous 12 months. She had noticed a progressive bowing of her leg such that it was making it difficult to walk and also she had a significant limp. She could only walk short distances, had significant night pain and the knee was locking. She still felt very independent and wanted to remain so and took this step to coming to see an orthopaedic surgeon with a view to having the knee fixed.

Looking at her she had 20 degrees of varus or bow-leggedness and the X-rays showed extreme medial compartment arthritis.

We talked about the options and she was keen to get on with getting something done, so we booked her in for a total knee replacement which she underwent on the 14th of February. 

Total knee replacement

after TKR

She has done remarkably well since. She had very little pain after the surgery and I think this is a testament to the new surgical techniques that we have and the use of the GameReady cryotherapy device.

She very sensibly booked into a rehab centre that I tend to use - the Clavadel, in Guildford, which offers in-patient rehab and at 84 I think this is very helpful. To be honest in anyone having a knee replacement if they can afford to go to a place like that I think it is very useful. She had a week of intensive physio and hydrotherapy and came in today with one crutch, which she says she does not need as she is able to walk with just a very slight limp and excellent function, full extension and a great bend.

Obviously I wish everyone did as well as Eveline and I am just delighted that she has had such a good result from her total knee replacement.

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