Two weeks after second osteotomy


Kevin had a high tibial osteotomy on his right knee two weeks before these videos. He did really well with the same procedure on the left knee nine months ago.

We did a right knee arthroscopy and chondroplasty of the trochlea, with removal of multiple loose bodies and arthroscopic partial meniscectomy. We proceeded to high tibial osteotomy with opening wedge technique using a NewClip plate and a precision bone wedge.

Images taken during HTO

Two weeks post op

I was born with bow-legs (bandy) and the effect got worse as I got older. In addition to this a working life in the construction industry, mainly prior to the advent of modern health and safety, meant that I may not have appreciated the measures necessary to take proper care of my knees. I had an arthroscopy in my early 50’s and things progressively got worse until at the age of 64 I decided to seek help. I was not in constant pain but any activity, including walking, was severely restricted and I just felt debilitated by my knees. I wanted to be able to have the level of activity an otherwise fit person of my age would expect. I spoke to my GP who was very understanding but explained to me that I may not qualify for any treatment under the NHS, and even if I did there would be a long wait. I was not prepared to remain in limbo so I decided to seek help privately.

"Having resolved to seek a private consultation my wife and I searched the internet for specialists and were very pleased to find that Professor Wilson operated in our area and was considered to be one of the country’s leading authorities on knee problems. Once I had identified Professor Wilson as my specialist of choice I phoned and made a private appointment.

"I wanted a treatment that would give me a pain free activity level commensurate with an average fit man of my age. After my initial consultation I was offered various treatment alternatives with the pros and cons fully explained for each. My bow-leggedness made me a candidate for an osteotomy which meant that I could still use my existing knee joint without the introduction of anything artificial. I considered all the options and decided on having the osteotomy procedure on both legs, albeit not at the same time.

"I am now 10 months post left leg osteotomy (which was performed in December 1917) and 5 weeks post right leg osteotomy (which was performed in  September 2018). I was very pleased with the outcome of the first procedure and don’t think about that knee when I’m out and about. This reinforced my decision to have the recent right leg procedure. I am recovering faster than I expected from the latest operation and can walk for short distances without crutches but I do use a single crutch on any slightly longer walks to ensure I don’t overdo things and for the confidence of balance provided. To date my expectations have been fully met.

"I understand that not every one is in the position to seek help privately as I have done. However, no one should have their lives restricted by debilitating knee pain. I would strongly recommend that anyone who has similar problems to mine seek help via their GP or by investigating a specialist for themselves. A knee condition like mine does not get better by itself.

"From the first time I met Professor Wilson I felt confident with the information, diagnosis and recommendations he offered. Even though I am still recovering from my second procedure I am very pleased with the treatment and care Professor Wilson has provided and the results I have achieved, I was particularly impressed with his personal availability to me had I experienced any concerns post operation. In the event that I need further treatment for my knees in the future I would have no hesitation in consulting Professor Wilson and I certainly have no hesitation in recommending him to others."



Adrian Wilson

Adrian Wilson

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