Looking forward to golf again after a UKR


Julie had a lateral partial knee replacement done on the 9th of December 2017. When I saw her at 6 weeks she was doing very well, was off her crutches and keen to get back to golf.

She was really quite disabled with the knee prior to surgery and was struggling to get round the golf course and noticed progressive valgus deformity or knock-kneed appearance to her knee.

Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

She was in for 3 days with very little pain after surgery. I rested the knee for an extra day or so as she had a little bleeding after the procedure, but a day in bed settled that down and she has never looked back.​

She was off all pain killers at 10 days and off her crutches within ​a few weeks.

She had a spectacular result, and here she is at 6 weeks following her right lateral uni. She walked with a normal gait today, and had full movement and no swelling. She is a great example of how well patients can do after knee replacement surgery.​

Video interview at 6 weeks.

Range of motion at 6 weeks.

JB-6 weeks after UKR
6 weeks after UKR

Walking at 6 weeks.

Four months after surgery.

These  images ad videos show Julie walking, bending and kneeling, following her partial replacement operation, and also just how straight her leg is these days!  

She tells me that these were taken about four months after her surgery, but, in fact, she was able to do all of this equally as well after three months.

adrian wilson

Adrian Wilson

Patient Testimonial

"After a period of several years, the arthritis in my right knee had worsened to a point where I could no longer walk long distances, I could only play golf with pain-killers, and my right leg was unable to support my weight after sitting for a substantial length of time.

"In addition, my right knee was turning progressively inwards, and this was making both my stance and walking quite awkward. To me, this was the most worrying aspect, in terms of it having a possible long-term and detrimental effect.

"Largely because of the "bent" leg, my physio, who had recently attended one of Prof. Wilson's lectures, suggested that I had a consultation with him. The rest is history. After discussing various options at length, we decided to go for a partial knee replacement, and I had the operation six weeks ago. As I had every confidence in Prof. Wilson, my expectations were extremely high. I had no doubt that not only would I get back almost full mobility, but also I would return to a full and active life.

"Six weeks on and, so far, I have not been disappointed. I have followed all of the instructions I was given and exercised diligently, but even I have been amazed by the rate of my progress. To the surprise of all my friends, the improvement in my stance and walking is already considerable. I can walk good distances at my old, fairly rapid pace, I am driving once again and, quite surprisingly, I have already played four holes of golf. With continuing exercise, I am hoping and expecting to be back to normal in a matter of a few more weeks.Although early days, it appears that my operation has been a great success. I would certainly return to Prof. Wilson without hesitation, if the need arises in the future. Based on my own experience, I would recommend unreservedly Prof. Wilson and his team. For me, they did a great job."

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