Visit from Henk van der Hoeven May 2017

Henk vd Hoeven

I just had a visit from Henk van der Hoeven from the Bergman Clinic.

I've known Henk for quite a few years and we both teach on the same Arthrex courses where we teach at a consultancy level, and Henk runs 3-4 of these courses every year in Munich.

Elite Practice

Henk does a lot of National teaching in Holland. He also works for Bergman Clinic which is one of the elite orthopaedic clinics in Holland and he treats an awful lot of professional sportsmen and sportswomen within his sportsmedicine practice. He does 40% arthroscopic shoulder and 40% arthroscopic knee surgery and looks after lots of the National team, many National squads and two Premier football teams.

Henk van der Hoeven

Henk van der Hoeven

Shared cruciate ligament interests

He does approximately 200 ACLs a year and a lot of these are on elite sportsmen and women. Like myself he looks for innovative ways of treating his patients, and through Arthrex he has been given the opportunity to develop his own techniques and ideas.

He has also been very interested in my work and has been following my innovations on all-inside surgery, the anterolateral ligament and my algorithm for managing particular posterolateral corner and uses my minimally invasive Larsson technique.

In this, through small incisions, we take out one of the hamstring tendons and make like a composite graft with FiberTape and do a combined ACL and posteolateral corner just using the one set of hamstrings that were traditionally both used for an ACL. With our all-inside technique we use just one hamstring and quadrupling it, leaving the other hamstring either for normal knee function or we can use it for these additional reconstructions.

A great visit

So he visited and we had a fantastic day together. I did an ACL repair together with an MCL repair on a young active gentleman who injured himself a few weeks ago skiing. It was a great visit - I am always very excited and it is a great honour and privilege to have leading surgeons visit my unit and spend time with myself.

adrian wilson

Adrian Wilson

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